@ Gallery Kapelica, Slovenia 2018

I was extremely happy to get an invitation for cellF to perform in Gallery Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia.  I have never showed my work there and was looking for an opportunity. It was a great to show cellF there but also quite stimulating to engage with Jurij Krpan, Sandra Sajovic and the rest of the team. Furthermore, These guys have a well equipped lab in the space, a fact that made my life much easier as I didn’t have to travel with cells fall around the city.

Finally, Nathan Thompson lead a ‘Bio-Robotics’ workshop in the lab looking at questions such as  What does it mean to design and control a living machine? What are the practical, artistic and ethical implications of doing so? The 2 day  workshop was well attended and each participant obtained skills in tissue culture and fabrication of scaffolds.

cellF performed twice

1. cellF played with Širom.

2. cellF played with Alexei Borisov.

We also installed prototypes and material documenting the research and development process into cellF, revealing some of the processes and theory that underpins the work.

Images from Gallery Kapelica




Širom is Slovenian trio formed in 2015, consisting of Iztok Koren (banjo, bass drum, chimes, balafon), Ana Kravanja (violin, viola, ribab, kalimba, bendir, balafon) and Samo Kutin (ukulele, kalimba, tamburica, harps, balafon, sound objects).
Širom play vividly textured and mostly imagined folk music(s). Fusing handmade and global instruments with fearless sound exploration, the results are unbound by tradition or geography. Members of the trio come from Prekmurje, the Tolmin area, and the Karst Plateau. Their work is noted for its fusion of polyphony and psychedelic music with folk, classical and improvisational elements.

Alexei Borisov

Alexei has been making music since the underground movement ignited in Russia at the beginning of the 1980’s and is one of the founding members of cult 1980’s electro-industrial pioneers Notchnoi Prospekt, a member of experimental/traditional band Volga, and a collaborator on many joint projects. He has performed at the most prominent forward-thinking music festivals (CTM Berlin, Unsound Krakow, Sonar Barcelona) and has worked with numerous adventurous musicians, such as KK Null, Jandek, Mia Zabelka and others. He’s an intense and unpredictable live performer with an audiovisual style that drives his performances to transcend the setting of an everyday gig and resemble Beckett-style theatre of the absurd.


SymbioticA, The Centre for Excellence in Biological Arts

The University of Western Australia

Government of Western Australia, Department for Culture and the Arts 

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